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At this point two questions still remain. Can the company be saved, and are you the right captain to save it?

Once you have validated that there is a market opportunity, and your business has the DNA to address the opportunity and deliver value to customers, it’s time to take this back to your trusted network. Do your employees have the appetite for change and, even more importantly, do you? At this point I had to ask myself, do I jump ship or stick around? My decision had to be clear; there was no short fix, and it was going to be a long ride.

You need to believe in the opportunity and that there is enough good left to fight for. The challenge in front of you needs to give you something personally, so that you can maintain motivation even during the tough times. I also sought support from my family — I knew that this was going to be a bumpy ride and they needed to be on board.


Our Services

Our services come to support the Romanian business environment, improving corporate performance through tools developed by us, shines everyday.

Organic Marketing
Organic marketing is a fluid component concept of thinking that has natural approach to different trends, causing excitement and harmony in the relationship factors CRM (customer relationship management)
Native Management
We believe that an effective manager values are due to epigenetic load, it's the gift of grace. Charisma, high level of understanding and motivation that comes from dedication to "the cause" are elements that can be greatly improved by polishing and perfecting the patterns we use in creating the future we belong.
Internet connection
We are present on the Internet by developing the necessary accessories development partner companies, we do it pretty well and we believe in what we propose, this helps us to be innovative bringing performance to our clients. Our Community Network is a project based on knowledge of real and virtual environments. We understand the importance of these metaplans and modify them after nature's natural interest.

Our integrated services

We use basic packages that integrate amazing components for creative, analysis and implementation, we target people who want to optmizeze business, implementing our common vision generated by advanced tools anticipatory, created  for a predictable business future.



Our passion for image inspires us to create customized products for our customers.


Web development

Web presence is like a walk through Paris at night, without a friend, definitely pipes may feel alone


Vision & Mision

Our marketing approach focuses on the relationship with customers and create blue oceans for our customers.



Skills assessment is the first step toward a real and coherent strategy!

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Our Clients

We are a company that provides customers with consistent information about the paradigm in which they are positioned in the medium of business. We create value for our customers!


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Autocar Service

Amazing! Auto Car Grup 1 Service este o companie infiintata in anul 2002 si are la baza pasiunea si priceperea cu care ne ocupam de masina ta, asa cum cel mai probabil te-ai fi ocupat tu. De la o mica echipa de specialisti in mecanica, tinichigerie sau electrica, astazi, avem o echipa de peste 80 de angajati si o vasta experienta pentru aproape orice marca de masina. .


THEPESIA C.A is a consulting company, dedicated to the Romanian corporate environment, as a Rational Change facilitator, aiming at the alignment, of the local companies, to the best practices and standards, in the corporate leadership and management domain.

Sc RoStar SA

Compania ROSTAR este prezentă în România de 18 ani, având ca obiect de activitate producția de biscuiți, grisine, și alte produse similare. Calitatea biscuiților a condus în scurt timp la cucerirea unui segment important al pieței românești, având, în prezent, în portofoliul său 42 tipuri de biscuiți (simpli, cu cremă, cu adaos de vitamine și minerale, fără adaos de zaharuri) și grisine (simple și cu sare).

About as

"Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort."


Developing your business is a goal which we have. By chance we are the best in what we do and all we want is to be a happy customer .

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Company’s Initial Evaluation

Set up Restructuring Program:

- defining Projects and Action Plans




- Restructuring Program reinforcement

Company’s Final Evaluation


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